Hi Robert,

> Eric, you said dosemu does not need sudo. This is one of things that
> happen when I don't - Bob T.
> "robert@robert-desktop:~$ dosemu
> can't open "/home/robert/.dosemu/boot.log" for writing
> robert@robert-desktop:~$ "

Apparently your first / previous run was with sudo. You can simply
change boot.log etc. back into your OWN ownership to fix the issue:

cd /home/robert/.dosemu ; sudo chown -R robert tmp/ run/ boot.log

If you do not run dosemu with sudo again, this step should only
be needed once. You might also want to do this with drives/ but
as I do not know what sorts of files you have there, it is up
to you to decide whether you want to have full access to them
as robert or whether you only want to give root full access...


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