At 11:03 AM 10/28/2011, Mark Brown wrote:
>it's just that upper case letters are so much more intelligible,
>so much more understandable. time was they were used like that somewhere,
>like on the defense internet that was handed off to the people for
>freedom of speech in ~1974...
>get it, freedom of speech. like freedos.

Nonsense. On all counts.
If with "defense internet" you refer to the ARPANET, that was not 
considered "operational" until 1975 and was merged into the NSFNET 
(which existed since 1981) when the switch from using NCP to TCP/IP 
in 1983 was made. The Internet was under that name wasn't generally 
available until 1986. I got my own first Internet account back in 
1987 through the university of Bonn, though mainly used through a 
gateway from the FIDONET...

>i thought so.
>i'll continue to use the block caps when i think expedient.

Since the early days of the Internet and going back into the days 
when BBS where the mainstay for international/distant communication, 
writing all caps is considered YELLING in all but those 
lists/(usenet) groups that specifically deal with systems that are 
not lower/mixed case capable. And that certainly doesn't apply to any 
form of DOS....

And in general, do yourself and your fellow country men a favor and 
stop perverting/abusing your constitution and amendments for your own 
lowly purposes...


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