Hello Louis,

I finally got desire to mess with network in FreeDOS.
I got somewhat the same results as you did: ping, wget works. arachne
does not and takes 100% of CPU in VBox.
But i think you missed this thing from Hansen VBox webpage:
* After the installation choose the new VM on the left side of the
VirtualBox window. On the right side scroll down to the "Network"
section and click on "Network".
* Enable the network adapter. Choose "Bridged Adapter". In the section
"name" choose your hosts connection to the network (WLAN or

By default VBox uses NAT and not the 'bridged adapter'. Anyway, my ISP
uses l2tp so i managed to allow arachne work with VBoxs NAT.

Here's how i did it:
Make sure you choose option 3 on this screen:
Now, you get something like this:

Now open C:/FDOS/wattcp.cfg and modify it with your parameters.
Here how it looks for me:
And now run 'arachne' and it should work. Sadly it has no cyrillic so
its useless. :D

On 10/28/11, Louis Lev <cclln...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am a FreeDOS newbie, and hope to get Arachne up and running with my Ulrich
> Hansen VBox image-- no luck so far!  I am able to ping and wget with
> success, but Arachne doesn't seem to recognize the dhcp.  My Wattcp.cfg:
> my_ip = dhcp
> IP = dhcp
> netmask =
> gateway =
> domain_list = mydomain.net
> In my arachne.cfg, I have included in tcp/ip:
> IP_Address = BOOTP
> TCPconfig = lantcp.cfg
> I have tried in the Arachne setup directing everything to my wattcp.cfg, no
> luck.  I have also tried the fixed address settings, not working either.
> I have had trouble with my Avast Antivirus blocking things (Host, Win7, I
> had to enable Internet Sharing)-- could this be a firewall issue?
> Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated,
> Louis

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