Hello all,

I am a FreeDOS newbie, and hope to get Arachne up and running with my Ulrich 
Hansen VBox image-- no luck so far!  I am able to ping and wget with success, 
but Arachne doesn't seem to recognize the dhcp.  My Wattcp.cfg:

my_ip = dhcp
IP = dhcp
netmask =
gateway =
domain_list = mydomain.net

In my arachne.cfg, I have included in tcp/ip:

IP_Address = BOOTP
TCPconfig = lantcp.cfg

I have tried in the Arachne setup directing everything to my wattcp.cfg, no 
luck.  I have also tried the fixed address settings, not working either.

I have had trouble with my Avast Antivirus blocking things (Host, Win7, I had 
to enable Internet Sharing)-- could this be a firewall issue?

Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated,


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