Op 3-11-2011 20:56, mbbrut...@brutman.com schreef:
> For applications where fast access is required nothing can beat a
> FLASH based device.  Part of the equation there involves unit life; if
> you use a FLASH based device in an environment with lots of writes
> then you expect to be replacing it on an accelerated schedule.  The
> write and read throughput is far above what a conventional spinning
> disk can provide, although the capacities are far smaller.

Odd, this conversation isn't entering my mailbox in the correct order, 
maybe winter time (daylight savings time adjustment).

Anyway, the only thing faster than a SATA (or SAS) SSD is a PCIe SSD, 
which in turn is overthrown again by DRAM-based solid state disks 
(though most of them have given up due to much lower capacity compared 
to flash).

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