Am 14.01.2012 um 00:17 schrieb Rugxulo:

>> In FDCONFIG.SYS I went back to all the original settings of FreeDOS 1.1. So 
>> the JemmEx line looks like this again:
> Why is this using NOVME NOINVLPG? Is it trying to be
> ultra-conservative? Is there a known VirtualBox (or other) bug
> somewhere? Seems odd ... though INVLPG is 486 and VME is 586, perhaps
> you're trying for old 386 compatibility?? (And I blindly assume
> JEMM386 already is aware of when it's safe to use.)

Like I said, this line is from the FDCONFIG.SYS that the FreeDOS 1.1 installer 
produces. It is the same on every system with FreeDOS 1.1 installed. It has 
nothing to do with VirtualBox.

>>> X=TEST is just a test for checking which UMB areas are (un)safe to use.
>>> Could you perhaps try adding X=TEST to option 2 (EMM386) ? See if that
>>> works. I've not been able to reproduce your case in VMWARE Workstation 8.
> If VMware doesn't exhibit it, it may be a VirtualBox bug. Remember,
> VBox is not perfect, esp. for DOS, sadly, as it's not a priority for
> them (e.g. D3X extender).

Possibly. I didn't have the time to check the behavior of KEYB and JemmEx on a 
real machine. Maybe the bug is just caused by the way VirtualBox allocates its 
system ROM.

>> I don't really understand why leaving out "X=TEST" in option 1
>> solved the problem too. Testing the UMBs should lead to a
>> more stable behavior of JEMMEX.EXE. Instead it crashed
>> KEYB somehow.
> Dunno, and haven't checked, but I hope we're using latest KEYB 2.01 here.

Yes, KEYB.EXE ver. 2.01 from 18.08.2011

>> It's odd but it's easy to reproduce with any fresh FreeDOS
>> installation on VirtualBox with the default settings (and
>> choosing german keyboard layout).
> Does "default" mean with or without VT-X enabled? Neither is perfect.

At least on my host system, VirtualBox enables it in every new virtual machine 
by default. Disabling it manually doesn't have an effect. Still KEYB crashes. 
To make it work, you have to a) start it with the option "/NOHI". Or you b) 
start JemmEX without the option "X=TEST".

>> If this could be the default in FreeDOS, I think it would help other
>> users. At least the german ones... ;-)
> Well, presumably most German users know to press F8 and manually
> disable stuff if they run into problems (or F5 for clean boot, worst
> case scenario). DOS really isn't that user friendly. Caveat emptor.
> ;-)

Maybe that's why people still like to use it. :-)

I did some further testing and KEYB also crashes for the french, the dutch and 
the spanish users. (BTW: For the polish, it says "codepage not found in 
definition file - 437", so KEYB aborts anyway...). I think we can assume that 
the bug is present for every FreeDOS user that doesn't use an US keyboard.

If we can avoid somehow that an important system driver like KEYB doesn't work 
after a fresh install of FreeDOS 1.1 for many people using a popular platform, 
we should do it.

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