Op 26-1-2012 19:17, Michael schreef:
> Perfect. Thanks Jeffrey and Bret, for the suggestions and code.
> It looks like it should work for our environment.
> I'll go ahead and modify it and see how it goes.

Your situation might be a perfect occasion to experiment with the 
'flashrom' tool (www.flashrom.org). However, do keep your vendor 
flashing programs available :)
DMIDECODE also still needs to be present it seems (rename to dmidecod.exe)

Flashrom binary  at : http://ra.openbios.org/~idwer/flashrom/
DMIdecode binary at : http://www.bttr-software.de/ports/

As for the menu, I'd indeed suggest using a batchfile.
Alternatively, maybe the Syslinux menu system is worthwile, you can see 
it in action in for example PartedMagic (LiveCD)

Documentation at:

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