Op 1-2-2012 17:56, Manjunath ML schreef:

> I am trying to use a USB memory disk along with FreeDOS. I am a running
> a CAM software and need a facility to transfer drawings from other
> computers to the PC used to run the CAM software and USB Memory disk is
> the simplest way. Can anyone let m know if this is possible and how.

The RUFUS utility is a program you can run on Windows, it will make your 
USB Flash Drive bootable so you can start FreeDOS from USB-stick.
[ http://pete.akeo.ie/2011/12/rufus-dos-bootable-usb-formatting.html ]

Be aware it erases all current content of the USB Flash Drive, so save 
anything you'd like to keep first.

Easiest would be to have FreeDOS and the CAM software both on the USB 
drive (instead of booting DOS from harddisk then trying to get access to 
USB drive).

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