Hi Marcos,

>> another chance would obviously be making fdapm aware :-)
> Do you mean, authors making their programs FDAPM aware?

No I mean making FDAPM aware of the programs... Exactly
the same way as your "DPAKBD" is aware of your programs,
without having to change your programs, as I understood.

> The only programs I write are in high-level languages such as
> Euphoria. Interestingly, I checked the Euphoria manual, and
> found that there are two distinct input commands, get_key() and
> wait_key(). The  difference is that...

I remember you talking about that - this would be an
example for making programs in a style that makes it
easier for FDAPM, POWER and similar to see idleness.

>     wait_key() lets the operating system do other useful work
>     while your program is waiting for the user to press a key."

I do not think that I understand what DOS Euphoria does there...

> So I changed all the get_key's in my programs into wait_key's,
> and it really worked ... it even passed the finger-on-CPU test

So even if we do not understand, it still does the right thing :-)

> Examples of non-aware programs which I use often and typically
> for long periods are: SuperCalc spreadsheet, DataPerfect
> database, Desi-III CAD, and the image viewers ShowJPG, PictView
> and LXPic. I don't think their authors would change them...

Is any of them free for download? In what way are they CPU-hot?
And in what way does DPAKBD treat them differently? Are there
also side effects of using DPAKBD? Does it maybe slow down the
programs that it makes CPU-cool? Or does it slow down others?

> juncture. Fortunately, DPAKBD has been working well with them,
> but subject to the inconveniences I reported in the previous
> email, like freezing and rebooting.

Can you give some more explanations about what DPAKBD is and
does, which license it has, which configuration options...?

> Text editors are no problem, since the best of them -- Aurora,
> FTE, Thomson-Davis, SetEdit -- are all natively FDAPM-aware.

Nice :-)

> Same for the Links browser.

Also nice :-) How about elinks, lynx, w3m, Arachne, Dillo?


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