I have an idea which may prove fruitful for many FreeDOS users:
creating a catch-all shared pool of old (or even new) DOS programs.

I know, there are already websites with legacy software collections,
but what I have in mind would be something better, and more organized,
and above all managed by FreeDOS users.

Many of us probably have our 'private collections' of DOS software. My
proposal is that we contribute our old programs, possibly with a
one-line (or more) description for each program, and that we neatly
arrange the software into categories and sub-categories. Then, for
each category, we hand-pick the best programs, those that may still
serve some practical purpose today.

I have noticed that the Software List section on the FreeDOS website
is rather limited, considering the huge amount of DOS program that are
in circulation. But I guess that is because of a deliberate choice.

My proposal is: either to expand the Software List area, or we create
a separate, more extensive repository to host all our programs.

Would the FreeDOS website be willing to host such a repository? That
would be the optimal solution. The only stumbling block that comes to
my mind is copyright laws. I believe that most old non-free DOS
programs are technically still under copyright, and in the worst case
scenario we may have to store our repository somewhere else. In that
case, what alternatives do you suggest?

Please share your thoughts on this proposal.


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