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>     At least in the US, this is still an issue for proprietary
>     programs where the parent company may have gone out of business.
>     (Also referred to as "abandonware".) The copyrights are often
>     bought out as "intellectual property" and the new IP holder would
>     have control of that copyright.
>     There is nothing wrong with these proprietary program if that is
>     what you prefer. And back in the day, I had my own licensed copies
>     of Wordperfect, Aseasyas, Doom, Procomm, QuickC, Borland C, and
>     other proprietary DOS programs. But these programs are non-free
>     and may not be redistributed (except Doom & Aseasyas, which may be
>     redistributed in their original, unmodified shareware zip files.)

I've not kept up with Embarcadero's site since I switched to Linux, 
but at least in the days of CodeGear, there used to be a museum from 
which old versions of Borland software were downloadable - from 
memory, there was Turbo Pascal 1.0, 3.0 and 5.5, and Borland C++ 5.0.


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