Try this for some basic education on DOS and packet drivers:

That page is terribly inadequate - it doesn't discuss anything other 
than packet drivers.  But that is what you are looking for at the moment.

To find the packet driver for your hardware you need to know what your 
hardware is.  If you have a VIA chipset on your machine it is highly 
likely that the Ethernet hardware is from Realtek.  Rugxulo gave you 
some pointers for trying to figure out what it is under FreeDOS.  If 
that doesn't work and the machine is new enough you can boot a Linux 
"live" CD (so you don't have to install Linux) and use some of the Linux 
tools and logs to identify the hardware.  I realize that not everybody 
is Linux proficient, so that can be scary.  The basic tools are lspci, 
ethtool, and ifconfig.  There are probably GUI programs that will lay 
out the information for you too.

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