At 01:05 PM 4/9/2012, Kenny Emond wrote:
>Okay, Thanks everyone! I filled in the my_ip section with my ip 
>(according to dhcp.exe), but Arachne still points me to the 
>Roadrunner search, saying "Why Am I Here? - You entered a web 
>address that was used to present site suggestions...". I tried a lot 
>of things,  one of which was filing in mtcp (which I did 
>successfully and when I ping a web address or other computers 
>connected to our router, it comes back positive), but nothing really 
>worked. I know that our internet works on our other comps because 
>I'm browsing right now on our mac. Also, Arachne is clearly 
>connected because it brings up the home page, which it couldn't do 
>before I set it up right. I also have to add (since I didn't really 
>in the first place): I'm pretty new to DOS, so I don't know all the 
>DOS-talk terms and whatnot. I do know how to effectively do a lot of 
>things, but not as much as most of you experienced users and such.

As I mentioned before, you end up on this Roadrunner page when you do 
not have a proper DNS server set on you host. That is in general not 
something DOS specific, that is something you need to have on every 
OS unless you want to access remote servers by their IP address only.
If Arachne brings up the (which) homepage, it could be that there is 
an Arachne specific setting for the primary DNS...


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