>         ACK, thanks.  I'd try to collect whatever free software-related
>         free logos I'd be able to find on the Web, and print them on
>         stickers to be given away at the event.
>         Also, we've decided [1] to populate the reverse sides of our
>         “Join us on SFD-2012!” flyers with short notes on various free
>         software packages, like (translation from Russian is mine):
>     VLC
>     Multipurpose free video player, with distinguishing features being
>     the support of a multitude of formats, the independence of
>     third-party codecs, the ability to work with stream video (including
>     webcams), and also the ability to work with different playback
>     libraries (such as FFmpeg.)
>     Has numerous and various configuration parameters, but has an
>     intuitive user interface at the same time.
>         I wonder if someone could write such a short note on FreeDOS?
>         (In either English or Russian.  Or in Esperanto, but that'd
>         force me to use a dictionary.)

Well, you can feel free to borrow text from our web page:

FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system that can be used to play
games, run legacy software, or support embedded systems. FreeDOS is
basically like the old MS-DOS, but better! For example, unlike MS-DOS,
FreeDOS lets you access FAT32 file systems and use large disk support (LBA).

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