>>>>> Jim Hall <jh...@freedos.org> writes:


 >> I wonder if someone could write such a short note on FreeDOS?  (In
 >> either English or Russian.  Or in Esperanto, but that'd force me to
 >> use a dictionary.)

 > Well, you can feel free to borrow text from our web page:

 > FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system that can be used to
 > play games, run legacy software, or support embedded systems.
 > FreeDOS is basically like the old MS-DOS, but better!  For example,
 > unlike MS-DOS, FreeDOS lets you access FAT32 file systems and use
 > large disk support (LBA).

        I'll happily re-use this as the basis for a version of such a
        note (though I'd like to expand it a bit, and perhaps replace
        “like the old MS-DOS” with “like the older PC DOS systems”,
        avoiding an arguably unnecessary reference to non-free
        software), but I'd like to distribute the result under a free
        license (such as, e. g., CC BY-SA), so that our flyers will by
        themselves be free works.

        This makes me ask: am I permitted to do so?  (The GNU project is
        notable for their use of licenses like CC BY-ND, which disallow
        the creation of derivative works, while we, obviously, need our
        flyers in Russian, which, indeed, means that we have to create
        derivative works, or to avoid any use of the material from their
        Web pages whatsoever.)

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