OK, a friend had a box of new, still sealed floppies, and I was
successful making a boot disc.


 I am an official idiot because I forgot that I had another old machine
laying around with a 3.5 inch floppy on it. The power supply has some
bad capacitors, and it's really flaky (sometimes it just reboots all on
its own!), so I wrote it off a few years ago, but I tried it, and it

 I don't think this is actually booting FreeDOS though, I think it is a
version of MSDOS because I had to name the files config.sys and
autoexec.bat for them to be recognized. Either way, it saw BOTH CD
drives in the machine.

 So now I should be able to resurrect that older Pentium 90 box that I
have in storage.

 Would someone please remind me about why there isn't a boot floppy
image in the FreeDOS web site that actually has FreeDOS on it? Seems
like it would be a really easy thing to do, and for that small
percentage of people who want to bring life to an old machine that can't
boot from CD, it would be super helpful.


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