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>        And if DosEmu can't do it, would dual boot (Grub) be a
>        good idea? I read the announcement in July that Grub 2.00
>        supports FreeDOS.

So does Grub Legacy, which is much simpler to install, configure and 
maintain. It requires minimal space, no scripts, and doesn't harrass you if 
you want to keep compatible legacy code on your MBR. Don't go out of your way 
to get Grub2, just accept it along with your Linux distro if it gives you no 
choice. The main people who need what Grub Legacy does not support are those 
requiring EFI boot, using HDs > 2TB, or using RAID.

>        Again, would dual boot be a good idea?

I've been multibooting about 20 years, with DOS on a 1st HD primary included 
in most cases. It's really not difficult to set up or use any DOS version via 
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