Agreed, we can be better with the news items. I think some of the more
recent posts have been improving along these lines, though. But as we
post new news items, we'll try to provide a bit of context for what
the program does.

Our news item about WCD 5.2.2 at least explained the "WCD" name as
"Wherever Change Directory". But it needs more definition to what WCD

Erwin Waterlander released WCD 5.2.2 - Wherever Change Directory. Most
noticeable is the automatic wildcard expansion is turned off for all
DOS and Windows versions. This saves some unexpected behaviour.
Support for the Open Watom C compiler has been improved a lot. You can
use Watcom now to build all DOS and Windows versions and do
installation and create packages, and you can also to build wcd for
OS/2 with Open Watcom. Download from

The update on Zerofill is better, and provides an explanation to what
the program does for you:

Javier has released a minor update to his Zerofill program, which
writes zeros on the empty disk space for the selected drive. This
helps virtual machine and disk compression programs to compact the
volume, and so in reducing its disk usage. Version 1.02 has some code
cleanup. Also, the Zerofill webpage has moved to

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 11:05 AM, C. Masloch <> wrote:
>> Example:
>>> WCD 5.2.0
>>> Erwin Waterlander has released wcd 5.2.0. [...]
>> has absolutely no info about what the thingie is after all ;-)
> I agree. Hmm... I think to vaguely remember what /this/ WCD was, but it's
> still not as clear as it could be. In general, maybe append a short
> description of what something is to the first sentence, or where
> appropriate expand acronyms or such.
> Regards,
> Chris

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