I have not posted on this forum in almost 5 months due to the
rather VICIOUS attacks on me by Bret Johnson, Ralf Quint, and
Tom Ehlert re: diskette detection in the UIDE drivers.

However, this post has now become necessary.

Shown below is an E-Mail which I received early this morning,
 from Christian Pfaller of Germany (forwarded by Johnson Lam).

Pfaller's problem is most likely a direct result of the logic
I added with the 29-May-2012 UIDE, which tests for up to four
diskettes using BIOS calls, instead of testing for only 2 via
directly checking the BIOS diskette-flags byte.   That change
was made by me "under duress", i.e. by the above damn FleaDOS
"pundits" INSISTING I obey the Ralf Brown lists and issue the
BIOS calls, so damn "VirtualBox" could be run without its OWN
diskette-detection problems getting CORRECTED!!

Pfaller indicates the last UIDE version which worked with his
LS120 drives was 20-May-2012, the version BEFORE I put in the
diskette BIOS calls.

I shall immediately PUT BACK the diskette test logic from the
20-May-2012 UIDE into the current UHDD/UIDE drivers.    After
appropriate checking by me, Johnson, and Christian Pfaller, I
shall release an updated set of drivers on Johnson's website.

Eric, if your "VBOXFIX" program is still available, you might
want to re-issue it, with its specific logic to test the bits
in the BIOS diskette flag byte for the presence of diskettes,
when "VirtualBox" is used.   I intend to use that byte again,
and NOT use BIOS calls to check for diskettes!   You may also
want to INSIST that the "VirtualBox" emulator fools FIX their
diskette-detection logic to post the BIOS diskette-flags byte
properly, which would have AVOIDED all of this mess!

Now, I will again "unsubscribe" from FD-User.   And I hope NO
ONE expects me to listen to any of its "pundits" ever again!!

Jack R. Ellis


-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Problem with the UIDE Cache and "LS120" Diskette Drives.
Date:     Thu, 11 Oct 2012 20:03:58 +0000
From:     MR-LEGO <mr-lego...@web.de>
To:       Jack R. Ellis [forwarded from johnsonlam...@gmail.com]

Dear Mr Ellis.

Thank you for your great drivers.   They work very fine.

But I have a problem with the UIDE cache in conjunction with an "LS120"
Diskette Drive.   I found the problem by checking three LS120 diskettes
on last Friday.   Yesterday and today I made some several tests with it.
I use the latest version [2012-08-04] of UIDE.

For example I load UIDE with the parameter "/S25" (with 25MB-cache).
If I check now a LS120 diskette with DOSFSCHK, it told me that the first
and the second FAT are not be the same.

Now I load UIDE with the parameter "/B" (basic, without cache).
Then I check the LS120 diskette with DOSFSCHK, no errors were found.

If I make a 1:1 image of a LS120 diskette and UIDE-cache is loaded,
the content of the image isn't the same as the diskette.

Now I make a 1:1 image of a LS120 diskette without the UIDE-cache,
the content of the image is the same as the diskette.

This problem only appears with the "LS120" Diskette Drive.

I tested UIDE under FreeDOS and MS-DOS and the result is the same.
I tested it on another computer with another "LS120" Diskette Drive, too.

The oldest version of UIDE [2012-05-20] I tested doesn't have this problem.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Christian Pfaller

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