> I don't know ...

Well, Mike, at least you ADMIT to it!

> ... but if there was a utility to analyze the tone and content
> of messages and rank them I think that a lot of your messages
> to this list would be labeled "aggressive/hostile".

Tough tomatoes.   If you don't like my tone, for which I have my
reasons, then don't read my posts.

> You have ranted against BIOS manufacturers, IDE chipset vendors,
> software companies, other open source software projects, people
> who don't speak English natively, etc.

Never without a reason.   Mostly, as was true of my 35 years in
assembly-language (plus 11 more in retirement), it is because I
get to be "The poor bastard who must MAKE IT WORK"!!   My "good
friend" Ehlert told me about 2003 that he never thought a driver
like UDMA (evolved into UIDE) could ever be written.   I did it,
and in doing so I had to "shovel" a lot of just-plain SH*T caused
by other people's BAD specifications, design ERRATA, etc.   That,
my "good friend" Mike, is why I speak so agressively AGAINST such
trash.   If I say the entire Wintel consortium needs a carload of
ExLax, like Apple and others are PROVING to them now, it is NEVER
without reasons, reasons I am always "stuck" programming AROUND!!

> The entire combined software/hardware industry does not exist
> just to piss you off ...

No, Mike, only you do ...

> If there is a problem with VirtualBox then I am sure that there
> is a developer who will listen ...

Fine, Mike, then you speak to them.   I do not use "VirtualBox" as
I still have a "real" PC running a "real" DOS kernel, not a 32-bit
system that needs any such "emulator".   So I am not-interested in
working on an "emulator" I neither need, want, nor like!   Perhaps
YOU can convince them to reinstate code that would have set 2 bits
in 1 byte (as Eric found DELETED in their sources!), and this mess
would never have occurred.   Surely you are up to telling Almighty
Oracle what their error was -- GO for it!

> I will speak heresy, but if it really matters that much then maybe
> the correct thing to do is to have two different versions of the
> driver - a "correct" one and one that works in "broken" environments
> like VirtualBox.

Your privilege again, Mike.   My drivers are not "GNU" nor any other
"licensed" form of open-source.   Still, I do provide their sources,
and that by implication says you are free to "fix" them as you wish.
Again, GO for it!

I will continue to offer UHDD and UIDE drivers which follow the BIOS
conventions for handling diskettes, as I understand such conventions
to be, which you refer to above as the "correct" drivers.   Your own
"broken environment" drivers can be as you wish.

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