Bernd & others,

From: Bernd Blaauw <>
Sent: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 10:48:51 -0700 (MST)
> It's strange that FDISK doesn't list C:.

I believe the display in the photo comes from the installer and 
not from FDISK.  FDISK has already been applied to the CF card 
before the photo was made.

> Likely you'll be able to press 'q' as input at the installer screen, 
> which will abort setup.

Correct.  I went to the next screen and exited to avoid catastrophe.

> If you definately want to ensure the harddisk isn't listed, temporarily 
> disable your IDE/SATA controller in BIOS or disconnect the connection 
> cables.

Yes, will disconnect cables.

> I've never seen FDISK not mention C: unless there wasn't a FAT partition 
> yet. You should be able to safely continue, most setup code is written 
> in Batch-script language instead of some compiled program.

I used FDISK before this photograph.  FDISK was aware of both drives.  
And FDISK did operate on the CF card with no problems evident.  The complaint 
is strictly with the display photographed where both C: and D: are mentioned 
and the target is ambiguous.

> Seems like FDISK picked the wrong disk or your machine (or FreeDOS 
> kernel) is happy to assign C: to a drive that's not counted as harddisk 
> but as a huge removable drive.

Possibly.  In any case, target ambiguity is a bug.  I will unplug the 
non-targetted drive.

Thanks,                 ... Peter E.

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