On Dec 13, 2012 3:34 PM, <fav...@mpcnet.com.br> wrote:
> Hi Tom, others,
> I tested again the copy from network drive. There were about 15 files in
> the server, to be copied to the client, about 8 MB altogether. Results:
> - xcopy (FreeDOS): Copied only 3 files before getting stuck and abandoning
> the task with
> the error message:
>   unimplemented internal dos function INT2F/120A
>   cannot open source file
> - xxcopy16 (Pixelab): Missed about 5 files, with same error message as
> above, but went on and copied the others.
> Couldn't gather more details because had only 10 minutes to do the tests
> Regards,
> Marcos

It looks like a critical error is occurring (the retry, ignore, or fail
message would probably be displayed if the indicated function was
implemented - it is documented as an internal call used when executing an
existing dos function).  I am not sure the cause of the critical error.  It
might be an easy enough function to implement so the critical error details
can be retrieved.   Possible errors could include locking violation,
sharing violation, read faults, drive not ready ...

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