Quoting TJ Edmister <damag...@hyakushiki.net>:

> On Fri, 21 Dec 2012 00:32:18 -0500, Michael Robinson
> <plu...@robinson-west.com> wrote:
>> Windows 98 sort of running on top of a DOS system doesn't work with
>> ipxwrapper-0.4.0.  There is an error that iplphapi.dll can't be found
>> or something similar.
> Why do you need an ipx wrapper on win98? You can install the IPX protocol
> natively under the network control panel and DOS programs running within
> Windows will be able to use it.

Well, if I use IPX wrapper I'm no longer using standard IPX networking, I
am tunneling via UDP.  The Windows 98 client understandably can't find an
IPX network because strictly speaking there isn't one.  This is why you
have to use IPX wrapper under Windows XP even though XP has native IPX
support.  There is really only a problem when Windows 7 is introduced.
A better workaround would be an open source IPX/SPX implementation that
works on all versions of Windows up to 8.

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