Op 26-12-2012 5:40, dmccunney schreef:

> I have an old Fujitsu Lifebook p2110 with an 867mhz Transmeta Crusoe
> CPU and 256MB RAM (of which the Crusoe grabs 16MB off the top for code
> morphing.)

That morphing and learning the architecture is indeed slow for a while, 
possibly forever.

> The big issue on the Lifebook is a slow IDE4 HD with an anemic
> transfer rate.  IDE4 is a BIOS limitation, so a faster drive isn't an
> option.  Big apps just load slow, aside from RAM requirements once up.
>   I don't even try to run a current Firefox, as it's really sluggish on
> Linux or Windows.  To the extent I browse from the box (seldom), I use
> Midori, Opera, SeaMonkey 1.X, or (if in Windows) occasionally IE (long
> enough to go to a known good site, grab something, and exit.).

Economically probably not worthwile, but SSDs exist in various forms. 
The usual SAS, SATA and PCIe (and mSATA), but also still old IDE in both 
desktop (40pin) and laptop versions (44pin).

I'm not sure if any NT-family Windows version is just as compatible with 
old software as that Win98 is. Likely Linux with Wine comes close as well.


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