I just want to inform the few braves who still use (or even work with) 
any flavor of DOS, that i just released a new version of my DOSUTILS 
package. I added a new utility to the package and two others were improved.

The new utility INLINE allows to place multi-line data, that is to be 
fed as input into another program via stdin, directly within the 
batchfile from which the program is invoked. Users who are familiar with 
shell programming under UNIX, might recognize a certain similarity with 
so called 'here documents' serving the same purpose though they are 
implemented differently.

Please feel free to explore the various (in total seventeen) utilities 
in the package, which can be downloaded from here: 
http://www.bttr-software.de/products/jhoffmann/, to see whether some of 
them might possibly be useful. Further details are given in the two 
instructon files dosutils.txt and form.txt which are also part of the 

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