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> I wouldn't recommend gmail as google scans your messages too.
> Http://digitalatoll.com offers email that is private and secure  but is not
> free.

I personally don't *care* that Google scans my mail.  The scanning is
done by algorithms, not human beings, with the intent to provide ads
topical to the content of the messages.  The ads are sometimes useful,
sometimes whimsical, and always unobtrusive.  I could quite easily
filter them out entirely, but don't bother.

As a general rule, I've never considered email secure, and normally
don't say things in email that would give me heartburn if they became
public. If it's *that* private, well, that's what GPG is for.

I'm contrarian on privacy.  The three areas I consider private are my
finances, my health records, and my sex life.  The first two are in
the hands of third parties who have legal as well as moral reasons to
try to *keep* them private, and my sex life never gets online in the
first place.  For the rest, I'm an open book.

My usual response to worries about privacy is "You *wish* you were
important enough that anyone could be *bothered* to pay that sort of
attention to you.  You aren't and they don't."

> -Chris
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