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>> I do have the Adobe Flash player installed, but it's not involved in
>> the transaction.  The attachments in question are not SWF objects.
> But Google maybe translates them into SWF ... does the attach

No, it doesn't.

> viewer still work when you disable or remove Adobe Flash ?

Yes, it does.  Google uses AJAX, with lots of DHTML and JavaScript.
You need a browser that supports current web standards.  (I use
Firefox.)  You don't need Flash.  (If you are on a mobile platform
like an iPad, you don't *have* Flash.  It's not supported on the

>>  There is an assortment of web content that _requires_ flash
> Isn't the Google document viewer among them ? AFAIK

It is not.  Look stuff up.

> the good old Google's PDFtoHTML converter is now dead :-(

I have other ways to do that, and don't believe I ever used Google's.
I don't know what you think PDF might have to do with flash, however,
other than both coming from Adobe.

>> notably sites concerned with art and design
> not only :-(

Agreed, many sites use flash that don't need to, and even some that
arguably need to use it badly.

But I'm a designer turned computer geek, have a number of volumes in
my library on art, architecture, design, photography, and typography,
and visit art and design sites that *do* use flash effectively.

>> And while HTML5 offers hope down the road, an awful lot
>> of video is still handled by flash
> Indeed :-(

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