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> http://www.computerweekly.com/blogs/the-data-trust-blog/2009/02/debunking-a-myth-if-you-have-n.html

And none of the issues pointed to are inherent to electronic
databases.  The problems mentioned have occurred for as long as
records have been kept.

> Aside from that, web-based email interfaces suffer in the usability
> department compared to a decent email program anyway.

Not from where I sit.  At one time or another, I've used Microsoft
Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Mail and News, and
Thunderbird for email, not to mention some text mode clients like
mailx on Unix.

I use GMail and *prefer* the web interface,  I could download my main
via POP and read it in a local client, but have no reason to do so.  I
 don't need a local copy of 99.99% of the mail I get,  I'm quite happy
to have it reside on Google's servers.  It also provides me with a
level of security.  Email is the principal vector for virus delivery,
by attachments all reside on Google's servers too, and never reach my
machine.  Google has viewers for all common file types, and there is
seldom need for a local copy of the attachment.

My GMail mailstore is a database, searchable with standard Google
queries.  Labels and filters provide a more flexible alternative to
local folders.  And labels are arbitrary index keys into the database,
and I can apply more than one label to a message.

I used to use Outlook for email and download via POP.  I would *not* go back.

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