Hi all,

Some times ago I announced that I will always keep an up-to-date CD 
version of all FDNPKG repositories, so everyone could download the CD 
and use it as an offline set of repositories to install/update packages.

Yesterday I created a small FreeDOS boot image and added it to the CD. 
So now, the FDNPKG repositories CD is a bootable CD that boots into a 
minimalistic FreeDOS system with a few tools (FDISK, FORMAT, EDIT, 
SYS...) and FDNPKG.

This makes it possible to use this CD on a clean PC to install the 
latest version of FreeDOS. There is no installer - you need to use 
FDISK, FORMAT and SYS by yourself. Then use FDNPKG to install whatever 
packages you need.

After booting, a short instruction is displayed about how to install 

This is not an ideal solution, but I believe it might come handy.

The CD is available here (all_cd.iso):

I haven't tested it thoroughly (just verified that I am able to boot and 
install at least one package), so please not hesitate to report any 
problems (solutions to these problems are welcome, too). ;)


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