Hi Bernd, nice to see you're still around!

On 07/20/2013 06:57 PM, Bernd Blaauw wrote:
> * old versions of software (or is this to demo the updater? ).

Nope, not a 'demo' purpose at all. It's all supposed to be pretty up to 
date :/
Could you tell me please which software you see old?

> * missing CWSDPMI.EXE apparently

Yes, cwsdpmi is not on the boot floppy. Mostly because it's not needed - 
have you run into any kind of troubles because of the lack of cwsdpmi?

> * FDNPKG exits on SIGSERV on many commands

You are right indeed, shame on me!
There was a nasty bug related to memory management in FDNPKG (precisely 
at the very end, when FDNPKG was trying to be nice and free all his memory).

Curiously this bug never triggered any crash under DOSemu - I had to run 
a VirtualBox machine to reproduce the problem.

Anyway, I fixed it, and updated the binary on the boot image. The bugfix 
will be part of the next FDNPKG release (which should happen soon by the 

> * FDISK 1.3.1 doesn't like VMware Workstation 9.

What's happening exactly? I'm not really a VMware aficionado, never 
tested FreeDOS with this. Is it some kind of a 'known bug' specific to 
FDISK and VMware? What solution would you suggest?

> * bootCD only compatible with optical drives on IDE controller.

Is it because of the XCDROM.SYS ? I'm no expert here, but aren't SATA CD 
drives acting as some kind of 'emulated IDE' ? Or does it mean that the 
boot image would need a special SATA driver, and some detection logic to 
load the right driver? This starts to sound complicated :P

> * any (working) usage examples for FDNPKG available?

I think you got lost because of the memory bug. Now that it's fixed, 
FDNPKG usage should be quite intuitive.

Basic operations are:

Search for package
   FDNPKG SEARCH [searchstring]

Install a package

A help is also available if you run FDNPKG without any parameters. Let 
me know if anything is not clear - I will try to improve the help then.

> * harddisk (with FAT partition) required. SHSURDRV works on systems with
> enough RAM, as your config loads XMS/EMS/UMB/HMA anyway already.

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying.. Yes, a harddisk is 
required indeed... since the goal is to install FreeDOS on a hdd.
Are you suggesting emulating a C: drive with a RAMdisk, and installing 
FreeDOS there? What would be the real life use case? Are you thinking 
about some kind of full-blown automated FreeDOS RAM-powered livecd, like 
what Knoppix does with the 'toram' boot option?

> Could you also please make available the 1.44MB bootdisk image used in
> the CD? Some people like to butcher (ehm..optimize) this, without
> downloading the entire ISO.

That's a very good point - I will synch since now on the floppy image on 
iBiblio separately, too. It's named 'boot.img', and it's in the same 
location as the CD image:



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