>> The problem with tar.<whatever> files is you must first uncompress the
>> tar file, then extract what you want (and possibly then remove the
>> uncompressed tar file.) 

> Not really. If you use tar for decompression (and not 7za) it will
> automatically "pipe" the output of tar to appropriate decompression
> program.
when compressing, *nobody* compresses first, then tar

the very idea of 7zip is to tar first (internally), then compress.

> DJGPP ports of GNU tar should have this option too, but I
> think this will work much better under native Linux (actually any
> modern Unix with a recent version of GNU or BSD tar).

this is a DOS mailing list. piping works different in DOS.

> Just type 'tar -xf archive.tar.xz' and you're ok. Of course, you will
> need to have gzip, bzip2 or xz installed (Should be installed by
> default in puppy. DOS ports are available from DJGGP file repository).

> Bojan.


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