On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 3:07 PM, Karen Lewellen
<klewel...@shellworld.net> wrote:
> Let me table this discussion where my question is concerned.
> there is another copy of this program zipped using regular pk zip for dos
> and as  a strict dos port.

p7z458c.zip is what I see at the link you gave. Honestly, it may work,
but that's a fairly older version (e.g. no LZMA2), and it's overkill
if all you need is to decompress. The previous link I gave to iBiblio
(also pointed to by FreeDOS Software list) is more current. At least,
I can't personally think of any reason why someone would prefer 4.58
over 4.61 or 4.65 or (better) 9.04, 9.13, or (latest) 9.20.1.

Again, I say, you're probably better off browsing iBiblio for what you
want (presumably p7zip 9.20.1 or 7zdecode 9.22):


> It is on the same site where I referenced a long time ago the dos ports of
> mplayer and other  dos related desires.

Probably inertia, presumably it works well enough for average use, but
that old version is definitely not maintained nor recommended. The
only people who (AFAIK) have bothered attempting to officially rebuild
p7zip with DJGPP are (in order) Blair, Khusraw, and myself. Oops,
forgot Mik, but I think even his build had some flaws.

> You will find a .ZIP of 7ZA for DOS on the same website:
> http://www.ausreg.com/dos_ports/index.htm
> Thanks for the other answers, but this option should meet my needs.

Well, it's almost like you missed my email entirely! Oh well,
"whatever works" is good enough, but I don't recommend older versions
without an explicit reason, esp. when I have some (minor) reasons to
not prefer them (a few bugs, a few lacks).

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