Mateusz Viste schreef op 12-10-2013 16:52:
> Hi Marcos,
> That's great, I'm glad you sorted it out :)

Does the program have to write all the "mkdir" lines all the time when 
installing a package? I'd expect only the non-existing ones to be listed.

 >>        mkdir C:\FDOS\doc\fdnpkg\

instead of:

>>        mkdir C:\FDOS\appinfo\
>>        mkdir C:\FDOS\bin\
>>        mkdir C:\FDOS\doc\
>>        mkdir C:\FDOS\doc\fdnpkg\
>>        mkdir C:\FDOS\nls\

Also is it possible to install multiple packages using a single command 
like Linux can? (something like "apt-get install x y z")


PS: A batchfile would work as well for that:

@echo off
goto loop

if "%1"=="" goto end
for %%x in ( *.* ) do if "%%x"=="%1" do FDNPKG INSTALL %1
goto loop


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