Hi Karen,

please let me clarify: My "ignored" question was regarding
the sizes of the damaged files and the files that overwrote
them and the file format of those files. Of course having
important files "almost lost" causes a lot of stress, but
asking off-list was not meant to waste your private time.

I just guessed that you considered the properties of those
four files private, hence I gave it a try to ask off-list,
after asking on-list first.

Looking forward to hear about the progress of the recovery,
of course on-list. If new questions arise, please let the
list know...

Regards, Eric

PS: Given that the involved files are in WordPerfect format,
it was a good idea to ask the WP for DOS community as well.
Not sure what the link to Survpc and Spinrite is, though.

PPS: Apparently Norton Utilities 8 came out ca. 1994, making
it sensible that Wikipedia says it had no FAT32 support, but
maybe there was an update from Norton for NU 8 owners later.

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