On 12/10/2013 6:41 AM, Robert Moler wrote:
> I wasn't being clear enough about what I've been trying to do.
> The XT machine has 2 GB of RAM.  It is a 32 bit machine.
An XT, as in "PC XT" can neither be a 32bit machine nor have 2GB of RAM. 
Using this term here is what is leading to confusion...
> I thought I could load 32 bit Ubuntu and make it a dual boot machine.  There 
> is some
> hangup in the video card, because beyond the B&W opening screen asking
> me about doing a trial installation, I never got a screen again other
> than a few lines of diagnostics.
As far as FreeDOS (or any other DOS for that matter) is concerned, the 
video card in use is of no real concern, as long as it displays anything 
at all.
> I also have a second XT machine, older still that I plan to give away.  
> Ubuntu (32 bit) opened just fine in the
> trial mode on it.  I kept it around out of nostalgia more than anything
> else.  The C: drive on it is only 15 GB (how old is that?) and clogged.
Again, not an "XT" machine, not sure why you call it that way...
> My "new" machine is a refurbished 64 bit DELL running Win 7 Home Premium
> (2 GB of RAM).  That is the machine that hangs when I try to install
> FreeDos either through VirtualBox or booting from a USB stick.  The
> evidence, such as it is, suggests that it is the UIDE that is the problem
DOS doesn't really know about USB or booting of a USB drive, the BIOS of 
the machine (or an early loaded driver) would have to mask this in a way 
that it fits what DOS can see and understand as bootable drives. And of 
course, the host PC needs to be able to boot of a USB device in the 
first place. What is the service tag of that machine, as you say it is a 


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