Hi Sparky,

> Why dosn't chkdsk support fat 32 yet? i have an IBM XT that had FAT32
> DRIVES AND i cannot check them for errors >< i have to pull it out and
> check them on my newer machines ><!

Because chkdsk aims to be very much like the DOS version,
so it has to run with very little RAM and 16 bit CPU etc.

And indeed your problem was on IBM XT, so you could not
run DOSFSCK on it. Still impressive that you can plug a
drive big enough to make FAT32 worthwhile into that XT.

Maybe an early 8 or 16 bit ISA IDE controller with BIOS
extension to support 500 MB, 8 GB or even 128 GB disks?


PS: It surprises me that even current Ubuntu does not let
you run DOSFSCK interactively with any sort of GUI. Some
friend recently had issues with his FAT32 USB disk and I
had to teach him how to run DOSFSCK in a terminal to fix.

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