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> Why VGA? Granted, I know Mike Chambers ported Wolf3D to (very slowly!)
> run on 8086 too, but "most" 8086 users probably don't have VGA. Well,
> they probably don't even have CGA, but at least CGA can do more than
> you think:

Oh, come now.  Just how many actual 8086 users do you suppose there
are these days?

Anyone likely to run this game under FreeDOS is almost certainly doing
so on at least an 80286, and more likely a 386 class processor, and
has at least VGA graphics.

The key to Mateus's effort is that it *can* run on an 8086 with VGA,
not that anyone *will*.

Even in embedded systems where FreeDOS might find a niche, things are
well beyond the 8086.  Current embedded systems are increasingly based
on 32 bit processors like the current ARM offerings, and the
limitations are in other areas.

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