On 07/11/2014 05:46 PM, panyong wrote:
> I  installed FreeDOS1.1 on Parallels ,

I don't know what "Parallels" is. Is it some sort of hypervisor, like 
VirtualBox or VMWare ?

> I’ve tried to use a browser , but there is no on freedos .

There is Dillo. And the good old Arachne of course. Otherwise you can 
still use gopher ;-)

 > I've  also
> tried using the usb-flash-disk to share a file , but i fail again. I
> don’t know how to copy the software-file to freedos.

Best would be to setup networking on your FreeDOS OS. Does "Parallels" 
come with an ethernet adapter of any kind? If so, and if you're lucky, 
you might find a packet driver that will fit.


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