> Best would be to setup networking on your FreeDOS OS. Does "Parallels"
> come with an ethernet adapter of any kind? If so, and if you're lucky,
> you might find a packet driver that will fit.
> Mateusz

I think newer motherboards use newer Ethernet chips where there is no packet 

But the BIOS or UEFI recognizes the Ethernet, so maybe there is a way to make 
FreeDOS use that?

Or might it be possible to boot FreeDOS by PXE?

Now I can't even install FreeDOS 1.1 onto a USB stick and make it bootable, 
either by SYS or Syslinux.

But I can boot this FreeDOS using grub4dos on another USB stick, or IDE hard 
drive in a Sabrent USB 2.0 hard-drive enclosure.

That Sabrent hard-drive enclosure also supports eSATA but only for SATA hard 

For graphic web browsers for FreeDOS, I can think of Arachne, Links and Dillo.

Net-Tamer has apparently not been updated since 1999 and was only good for 
dialup PPP connection.

Even I believe even Netscape and Internet Explorer from 1999 would be severely 
limited on today's WWW.


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