Hi Ulrich,

Thank you for your report.
This sounds unfortunate :) 

It seems you have three different problems.

About fdisk: could you tell more about the problem? What version of fdisk works 
correctly for you?

About missing versions: could you please locate the *.lsm file of one of the 
"unknown version" packages and send it to me? (it is in %FREEDOS%\APPINFO) Are 
you testing using the latest available version of FDNPKG?
As a temporary workaround: does removing/reinstalling a package make its 
version to be displayed fine by fdnpkg?

About fdnpkg freezing: how could I reproduce this problem exactly? Should it be 
enough to just install freedos 1.1 on virtualbox, without any special 
configuration, and boot the latest version of all_cd.iso on top of it? What 
network card model are you simulating? (and what packet driver handles it?)


On August 11, 2014 1:21:29 AM GMT+02:00, Ulrich <my.gr...@mailbox.org> wrote:
>I am a bit stuck with FDNPKG.
>If I use:
>fdnpkg listlocal
>on a fresh install of FreeDOS 1.1, I get a list of all installed
>packages with 
>"(unknown version)" 
>behind their names.
>If I do:
>fdnpkg update
>I get the message: "79 package(s) checked, 0 package(s) updated, 0
>package(s) failed".
>Does this mean FDNPKG can't be used to update the 1.1 packages?
>I also took a look at
>The iso boots fine. But the version of fdisk doesn't work on
>VirtualBox. I got around that problem: I attached the iso to an already
>installed FreeDOS 1.1 guest and booted the all_cd.iso. Then I formatted
>the hdd. 
>Unfortunately there's no installation routine that lets me install the
>necessary 79 packages (plus configuration files) conveniently. Also
>only the first fdnpkg command runs successfully. Afterwards the
>VirtualBox guest freezes. I didn't have the nerve to switch the guest
>off and on again 79 times and then create FDCONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT
>by hand.
>VirtualBox version is 4.3.14.
>Best regards

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