On 08/11/2014 09:07 PM, Ulrich wrote:
> So doing a FDNPKG update from time to time could make FreeDOS a kind of a 
> rolling release (or at least create a "testing" branch).

I'm glad you think so, since that's exactly the motivation that led me 
to creating FDNPKG in the first place :)

> - Users of FreeDOS 1.1 can't use FDNPKG, because it doesn't recognize their 
> installed packages (as you summarized).

True, you can't update packages installed by the FD 1.1 installer, but 
you can install/update new ones, or remove/reinstall existing ones to 
'fix' them. Of course I agree that it would be far better to have a 
system that works out of the box...

> - Using the "all_cd.iso", as you suggested, is not an option. It means 
> installing package by package per hand.

Well, some people might want that.. (me for instance). An installer 
would be probably better anyway for wider audience.

> There should be a way to install all "base" packages" or all "net" packages - 
> but there isn't.

I don't feel it's a job for FDNPKG. It's something you usually do only 
once (when you install the OS), hence I think it should be handled by 
the FreeDOS installer.

> I do not understand why FDISK works flawlessly with the FreeDOS 1.1 
> installation ISO attached to VirtualBox - but it doesn't with "all_CD.iso". 
> (It gives you the "Error Reading Hard Disk" as you described).

Might be related to the fact that the FD 1.1 CD comes with FDISK 1.2.1, 
while all_cd uses FDISK 1.3.1...

> IMHO the solution would be to update the FreeDOS 1.1 installation ISO to a 
> version "1.11" where the LSMs are fixed to a format FDNPKG understands (and 
> maybe the packages are also updated).

Yes, this would be cool indeed. Any volunteers? :)
In fact, we almost have such 1.11 distro: all_cd is pretty much working, 
only requires a 'smart' installer (like the one we had in 1.0 or 1.1), 
and maybe a downgrade of FDISK (if confirmed that the version is causing 
the vbox incompatibility).


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