On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 10:10 PM, Michael Brutman <mbbrut...@brutman.com> wrote:
> It pains me to see this much effort going into what should be a small
> utility that takes the relevant mTCP obtained network parameters and
> writes them into the WATTCP file.  There are 15 invocations of the
> mt.exe program in that script.

I agree it could maybe be more optimal, but as long as it works, it's
no deal breaker. Just calling it 15 times isn't really a direct
problem, nor necessarily slow either.

What I didn't understand was that Ulrich says "I used sed on *nix",
but for some reason he seems to only prefer MiniTrue for DOS. Not sure
why. Maybe he's unfamiliar with the various DOS ports:


Obviously sed can use a script file via "-f" and/or separate commands via "-e":

sed -e "s/^red/blue/" -e "/green/d" -f script.sed myfile.txt

> I suggest that somebody write a small program that takes the current
> configuration parameters from the mTCP configuration file and updates a
> WATTCP configuration file.  It should not be a terribly complicated
> program - you just have to do some light string processing.

I see little use for writing a one-off compiled program to do this.
Maybe you think it'll be faster, smaller, less clunky to do it
directly instead of lots of manual search and replace? Not sure what
the benefit would be here. (Although, IMO, Turbo Pascal or even
FreePascal would be a good fit with its string support.)

> Then one
> would be able to run the mTCP DHCP program, run the utility, and have
> both mTCP and WATTCP apps configured and ready to go.

I'm not familiar with MiniTrue syntax, so I'm not exactly sure what
needs to be changed here.

> As an alternative you can contact David Dunfield and see if he would
> license his code in a way that FreeDOS could use it.  Or just simply use
> it, but don't distribute it with FreeDOS.  (A readme file or the wiki
> can point to it as a useful utility no matter what the license is, or if
> source is not even available.)

Well, who wants to email him? I doubt he needs ten of us asking the
same thing. But again, I don't think it's a horrible dealbreaker "as

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