thanks for pointing me to minitrue. Last year I learned to use "sed" in linux 
and minitrue seems to be comparable. It's also great to see that this is free 
software under GNU GPL. Maybe this should be included in the util repo of 
FreeDOS? It seems to be very useful and it is also well documented. AND it has 
a great name, for those who read "1984" :-)

BTW: The homepage is here:

while the download is hosted at:

While minitrue certainly does the job for most users, I am not sure if this is 
the best way to get the settings from MTCP.CFG into WATTCP.CFG:

- when copying over MTCP.CFG to WATTCP.CFG, lines for telnet, ircjr etc. also 
go into WATTCP.CFG. They are commented out, but it's kind of strange. But of 
course it's only one more minitrue command necessary to delete them in 
WATTCP.CFG, so this is not a big deal.

- WATTCP.CFG can be used for much more than for configuring the network. See: 
http://lazybrowndog.net/freedos/wattcp.txt for an original version of 
WATTCP.CFG. This means all other settings in the original WATTCP.CFG should 
stay intact. This seems a bit harder to achieve with minitrue.

DHCP.COM by David Dunfield on the other hand can change the relevant WATTCP.CFG 
settings and leave everything else untouched.

DHCP.COM can be downloaded from the homepage, Mike pointed at:


(You have to scroll down to the network section.)

DHCP.COM is a replacement for DHCP.EXE from the mTCP collection. As the mTCP 
apps are useful and in the path, either you have to call DHCP.COM with the full 
name or delete or rename DHCP.EXE.

DHCP.COM did not work for me, if it isn't in the same directory as WATTCP.CFG. 

While with mTCP, it uses the environment variable in AUTOEXEC.BAT: 

But the environment setting for WATTCP.CFG in AUTOEXEC.BAT
is ignored by DHCP.COM.

Using the full path like
didn't work either.

So the right place for DHCP.COM is C:\FDOS\DHCP.COM.

It is also necessary to call DHCP.COM twice: 
doesn't work.

So I put these two lines in AUTEXEC.BAT


and everything works fine. The appropriate lines in WATTCP.CFG are replaced. 
Everything else stays intact.
Other than with minitrue, backups are not made.

Unfortunately there is no license file included with DHCP.COM and the homepage 
says nothing about it. This means it can't be distributed with FreeDOS or other 

So far this review - thanks again for pointing me to these programs.


> Am 27.08.2014 um 15:41 schrieb cordat...@aol.com:
>> For those who want a DIY conversion of MTCP DHCP to WATTCP, you can do this:
>> Step 1: Install minitrue on your PC.  mt.exe ... google it. (I think it's 
>> "idiotsdelight.net" or something)
>> Step 2:  Create a batch file called "M2WAT.BAT"
>> Put this stuff in the batch file:
>> @echo off
>> rem convert MTCP config file to WATTCP format
>> copy mtcp.cfg wattcp.cfg
>> rem first comment out every line with a '#'
>> mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg (^) = #
>> rem now uncomment the ones we want, add equal sign and change if needed
>> mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #ipaddr = my_ip=
>> mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #netmask = netmask=
>> mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #gateway = gateway=
>> mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #nameserver = nameserver=
>> mt -b- -c -n wattcp.cfg #hostname = hostname=
>> Step 3 Run it after MTCP DHCP.
>> Dave
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>> David Dunfield has a utility called DHCP that will work with both mTCP 
>> and WATTCP.  I've not tried it, but David is well known in 
>> vintage-computer circles and his software is supposed to be pretty good.
>> http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/dos/index.htm
>> Mike

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