Hi Mateusz, DOSers,

> I noticed that QV got some interesting support for external sound 
> drivers. This looks really nice, I'm wondering whether it would make 
> sense to design such an "official" API for newly created (and/or 
> newly-ported) apps...

How about the VESA audio API? Rarely supported by actual
audio/video card BIOSes but that is no reason to avoid it
as common API for drivers ;-) RBIL calls it "VESA VBE/AI"
and the AI stands for audio interface in this context.

That would be int 10, ax=4f13 bx=0 to 6 - unfortunately,
RBIL details are not very complete, but maybe you find
other information about this or other existing APIs.

I also remember that there were some driver frameworks
at least shared by SEVERAL games, maybe not many, but
still a starting point to "use something proven". Maybe
Rugxulo can dig up details from the list archive, I am
sure this topic has been pondered before, probably also
in context of AC97 (or HDA) soundcards and the lack of
drivers for them for old games.

Regards, Eric

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