It would be interesting to see a command interpreter like  
freecom/ with some basic GUI elements added to it. A menu bar  
with mouse support, clock, scroll bar perhaps... Does something like this  

I saw something similar on an Atari 800XL with a variant of SpartaDOS. At  
the time I thought it was not very useful though since those Ataris didn't  
even come with a real-time-clock or mouse (and screen updates were slow  
enough without adding extra stuff).

On Sun, 18 Jan 2015 20:04:21 -0500, Christopher Evans  
<> wrote:

> I should get my vp2os3 dos menu shell recompiled and working again. It
> kinda looks like win95 in text mode.
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> On Jan 18, 2015 7:37 AM, "Don Flowers" <> wrote:
>> Is anyone working on a functional GUI for FreeDOS? I currently use  
>> Windows
>> 3.1 as I do consider it to be a gui and not an operating system and it  
>> is
>> about 90 percent functional. It would be nice to have a completely open
>> source OS though.

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