> It would be interesting to see a command interpreter like
> freecom/command.com with some basic GUI elements added to it. A menu
> bar with mouse support, clock, scroll bar perhaps... Does something
> like this exist?

There are some separate DOS utilities that provide most of these functions, 
though nothing is integrated into the command interpreter (and likely never 
will be).  E.g., there are several on-screen clock utilities, including one I 
made (available at http://bretjohnson.us) that you can move anywhere on the 
screen, has alarms, etc.  I also have MOUSKEYS, which lets you use a mouse (at 
least to a limited degree) in almost any program, including at the DOS 

There are also some utilities out there that "extend" the screen past the 
standard 25 rows, allowing you to back-track through time.  I personally don't 
use any of these, though, preferring instead to set the screen to 50 rows and 
using a command-line history tool.  I personally use one called TODDY, though 
there are several of them floating around.

I don't know of any utility that provides a Menu (I assume you mean a 
single-line menu at the top or bottom of the screen), nor can I even guess what 
kinds of items you think would be useful in such a menu for the command-line.  
Some sort of file management utility, like a Norton Commander clone, is 
probably what you're looking for.  I personally like NDN, though I spend 99% of 
my time directly at the command-line.  There are also some graphical programs 
like GEM (and even Windows Program manager) that accomplish similar tasks, but 
I personally prefer the text-based ones.

So, you actually have a lot of options and lots of flexibility, without needing 
to integrate anything into the command shell.

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