I have sound working now with a Media Vision Jazz16 card (aka Pro Sonic 
16, an ISA PNP card) and DOOM, setting up the game to use the card's 
SoundBlaster emulation feature.

The Jazz directory also has a playfile.exe utility and a few test WAV's, 
and these work.

But so far I have gotten nowhere with playing mp3's or CD's.  I'm 
starting with some apps that worked for me under FreeDOS 0.9 and/or 1.0.

Mpxplay just hangs the system immediately, before anything appears 
onscreen.  I downloaded the MPXP160D.ZIP version.

Likewise I have not gotten any audio CD player to work.  I tried ACP and 
CD-V (v19) so far.  ACP's screen appears with a track list, but hitting 
enter to to start Playing the first track does nothing. CD-V simply 
generates an "Invalid media!" error.  (I could add that the CD setup is 
fine for data CD's.)

Are there tips/tricks to get mpxplay to work?  What about a CD player 
that's known to work with FD 1.1?

I'm using a default FD 1.1 setup and selecting the first menu item at boot.

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