Hi! If you are sure that this is not an issue of your
VGA or HDMI or DVI cable to the monitor, then I assume
that what you are seeing is an artifact of your screen
trying to zoom from the default resolution of DOS text
mode to the native resolution of the screen. You could
use the MODE tool of DOS to try other resolutions such
as 80x30 VESA text mode. I good mode is probably some
mode with a simple fractional ratio between resolution:

E.g. 9x16 font, 80x25 text is 720x400 pixel which for
1920x1080 screens is a zoom factor of 8/3 horizontal or
2.7 vertical, your screen might either zoom everything
by a factor of 8/3 (2.6666666666) or zoom independently
in X and Y direction, giving a slight distortion.

As 8/3 and 2.7 are not integer values, you will get a
regular pattern of zoom artifacts. Some monitors are
better than others in making those artifacts bearable.

Regards, Eric

> With FreeDOS 1.1 installed directly on real hardware, and testing with 
> two different LCD monitors and at least half a dozen different video 
> cards, I find that in every case there are vertical bands or fat lines 
> across the screen, visible as fuzziness on the black & white display 
> during boot, and then very noticeable in Edit.
> But with every one of those cards, the display is crystal-clear on a CRT.
> Can someone explain why, and if I can fix that via an adjustment on the 
> LCD monitor or by running some driver?

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