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> Most of my best dos software requires vesa. Your link was extremely good.

There's a lot of (defunct?) legacy out there, especially for DOS. So
we're really only scratching the surface.

> I wish it was in a nice text book that I could sit down and read.

Why? Paper is more cumbersome to search. I'm sure you could just print
it out manually.   ;-)

> Not very much into windows stuff even if it is better.

Me either. I didn't mean to imply otherwise. Just saying, most games
and modern software blindly assumes heavy graphics acceleration, which
usually means proprietary drivers. I don't know if things like SteamOS
(Linux-based) will improve upon that in the long run. But it probably
won't help us very much either way.

> I miss the vic 20 where I could poke into the video and make it
> look like anything I wanted. Question could I deliver a vesa
> command to the video card using the dos copy command.

No, I don't think so. You'd (usually) have to use raw assembly. Maybe
you could do limited stuff with debug, dunno. (Obviously you can call
interrupts with debug or do a few other arcane things, but it's not
nearly as good as a full assembler.)

> Works for printers why not video. Never new the proper hex
> commands so I never tried it. Might also work for cds.
> Copy a simple hex file to a cd and make it play music.
> Never know until you try. Might work or might not.

Most stuff isn't well-documented anymore. It's not as simple as it
used to be. There's too many layers between hardware and software. Or
it's just badly-spec'd proprietary (expensive) stuff.

> With the vesa commands I could change screen
> resolution on my laptop and make it fill the screen.
> Would have to also change the font size so I cold read it.

I don't know what to tell you here. It's just unavoidable that
everyone assumes you're only using "modern" stuff.

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