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> On 6/10/2015 10:28 AM, John Hupp wrote:
> I am nonetheless happy to have a few things to work with to better match
> an LCD's aspect ratio: Eric's trick, for instance, on cards that support
> it.  And I can also report that Japheth's setmxx seems to work as
> advertised.  Even on a VGA card with no VESA support, this will let you
> get 34 or 60 lines, which is something I could not get from MODE on most
> cards even with VESA support.

Good news!  :-)

> I did not test svgatextmode.  If it works it would seem to have more
> capabilities than setmxx, but after I started reading the included
> documentation (much of which is for Linux), I was not clear about how to
> install or use it,

I confess to having never heavily tried it either. Maybe I should take
a closer look. But, quite honestly, I'm content with what I already
use (which these days is boring ol' 80x43).

> and under the circumstances I was losing for heart
> for lengthening the long slog that this has been.  Maybe another time
> after I take care of some things that have been piling up.
> Thanks to all who helped!

Well, now I have a few more links to give you.   :-(    But don't
worry, I'm only telling you for completeness, just in case you are
extremely curious or get bored later. Don't worry with it otherwise.

Felix's email (for some unknown reason) reminded me of another program
I had used a few years back. And that led me to an old post of mine
(well, 2012 isn't really that long ago).

Long story short: I suggested to one guy to use Necromancer's DOS
Navigator (NDN) file manager, which has some built-in support for
various text modes.

I also suggested a third-party tool called SETLINES (although it also
includes ATILINES, and IIRC you did say you had an ATI Mach64). The
website is gone, but luckily Wayback Archive still has it (although I
probably have it lying around locally anyways):

Oh, and someone else had suggested Jason Hood's Text Mode, so maybe
that'll help you as well.

1). http://ndn.muxe.com/
3). http://adoxa.altervista.org/tm/index.html

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